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Safely stops leash minutes

SoftWalker™ Sensing Collar

Safely Stops Leash Pulling

Easy to Fit
Easy to Use


The SoftWalker™ Sensing Collar quickly and safely trains your dog to stop pulling and walk gently on a leash.


Product Information

The SoftWalker is a leash training collar that is easy to fit and easy to use.

Simply adjust the buckle to fit your pet’s neck, insert the batteries, and you are ready to begin. Your pet will automatically trigger the sensor in the SoftWalker as they begin to pull on the leash. The collar responds first with an audible signal. If pulling continues, the signal is followed by a low level static stimulus.
These signals notify the pet of the unwanted behavior and begin training immediately.

Most pets respond with reduced leash pulling within the first few minutes and stop all pulling after a few walks.